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Become the Hungry Lion and ditch everything you know from your low carb diet and little to no result workouts. Join me virtually in the comfort of your home or in-person for this fully interactive system I developed for myself that I am now sharing with you. It’s packed with knowledge and techniques to get yourself to the next level of a new understanding of health & fitness. 

My mission is to continue to shift my community’s perspective on the standard views and trendy practices of health and fitness. To provide the knowledgethey need to change the narrative of a healthy diet. Once we identify what is not beneficial for our body’s we will be able to eliminate and replace it with integrity and discipline and nourish ourselves with healthy foodsaccompanied by movement and fitness. 

My methods are based on actual Science and highly inspired by handpicked knowledgeable individuals that have mastered their practices and wisely distributed their wisdom in their fields amongst us. This is based on discipline and stepping out of our comfort zone and man’s dedication to studying and practice.  I believe in taking the road less traveled through all things in life and having a deeper experience with releasing habits and traumas and replacing that with moments of clarity through downloads.

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This program allows you to go at your own pace but to also hold yourself accountable to achieve your desired results.


By applying the tools I provide to you, you are committing to becoming the expert of your own journey. You will benefit from my experience not only as a personal trainer but also a nutritionist to strengthen your relationship with health and fitness.

Accelerated learning

Once you're able to identify what is beneficial and harmful for you, you will overcome your struggles and dedicate your time to strengthening your views and practice when it comes to the next level of a new understanding in nutrition and fitness.

Life Coaching

Your world and experience is as big as you make it. Building character and a strong will-power are qualities that are implemented throughout all of my courses. I’m looking forward to hear about your journey.

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